Growing Garlic from Store Bought Cloves

Step 1: Buy garlic from the supermarket, storing in your fridge. Either wait till it sprouts on its own  or separate the cloves, wrapping in a  damp paper towel and put in a cup in the fridge

Close to summer 169Close to summer 166

Step 2:  When the look sufficiently sprouted, plant in soil with the clove fully buried.


2013 Summer Time Bonanzo 001near summer 2013 020

Step 3: Water on a regular basis. You know, regular gardener stuff.

2013 Summer Time Bonanzo 0052013 Summer Time Bonanzo 315


Step 4:  When the leaves on the garlic start to die, its probably time to harvest.

2013 Summer Time Bonanzo 323 07 04 2013 Summer time 052

Step 5:  Cure and store, or enjoy immediately.

2013 Summer Time Bonanzo 321

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