Hungarian Sweet, King of the North Peppers


8-18-13 023
Left to right: Hungarian sweet, King of the North, Albino Bullnose

I’ve grown some Hungarian Sweet (not the “wax” or “hot” variety) peppers and they’ve turned out well.  Good yield, small-medium fruit, good heartiness. They started out a pale yellow and I was afraid they’d never turn colors – I grew them to make sweet paprika and yellow would just not do.  They turn red/orange a week or so after they seem to stop growing.

The King of the North peppers have been satisfactory as well.  Medium green fruit, decent production (better than California wonder bell peppers).   I stuffed a batch of the earliest peppers for baking (I couldn’t wait to check them out) and they turned out really nice.  The Hungarian peppers tasted young, lacking the sweetness that they do when they start to turn, but still quite tasty.

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  • Dan

    May 15, 2015 at 10:33 pm Reply

    I had some seed from a Hungarian neighbor but lost one year. I have been looking for these for years and would love it if you could sell some or tell me where I can buy some. I have grown other types but not the same. These were the only white peppers I grew that bore upright like in your pic. Thank you for your post!

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