The Slow Goodnight Kiss of Winter

So far the cold and frostier nature of November has been abated in favor of milder, playful days and temperate nights. Even though the days are short, many things in my garden still march on, refusing to believe that winter’s gloss and subsequent tantrum will ever come.

For example, my saffron crocus bulbs.  I planted them late October due but they still managed to bloom.

Saffron Crocus blooming in November

Also, my “winter hardy” German thyme still remains the grayish green from summer. The lavender is in full blown denial, still going bananas.  Then there is the new greenhouse my father built from a kit.  Soon I may start some seeds via the wintersown method.  If you’re not aware of the method, or just want some free tomato seeds, check them out.

Grow on my friends, grow on.



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