Chocolate Stripes Tomato

Chocolate Stripes Tomato

I’ve been chowing down on the chocolate stripes tomatoes in my garden. It has a rich flavor, low acid; quite meaty too.  I don’t think it really has a smokey flavor essence, which the Filipino #2 does. We’ve had a cool summer and I think that’s kept it from ripening earlier. Truly a beautiful variety; it looks a lot like some of the Wild Boar Farms tomatoes, but it came to me free via   Not a heavy producer, but the plant has grown quite vigorously, probably due to my ultra compost fertilizer. Average size is about 2/3 of my fist,  which is to say about two hockey pucks stacked up together.

It seems to be a tad prone to cracking and scarring.  It ribbed nature is pretty cool, but when you do have the scarification it’ll make straight slices (one of the best ways to eat it) a little ugly.

Will likely plant again.

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