The Lords of Compost

Lords of Compost
It is written that a few pure-hearted gardeners will claim the power of the lords of compost as their own.

Some gardeners dabble in composting, saving zucchini peels and grass clippings. That will get you a participation ribbon at the gardening Olympics. Not bad. However, the hardcore composters – the Lords of Compost – go above and beyond. These are they that  compost an extremely broad range of materials or a high percentage of all their disposables; these are they that employ unusual cleverness in returning materials into mother earth.

In the Lords of Compost series, I want to highlight garden and gardeners who want to show off their decomposition, front and center.  If you or someone you know is a Lord of compost, let us know in the comments and we may feature their pile! You can see some of the piles and methods we’ve employed below.  Hit us up in the comments section.





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